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Vol. 9 No. i (2021): Spring 2021

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health: Improving the Quality of Mental Healthcare Through Telehealth and Measurement-Based Care

November 21, 2023


As the U.S. continues through the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be important to monitor mental health as well as public health. Over the last 10 years, rates of mental disorders, suicide, and substance abuse disorders are on the rise. With the shift to remote care delivery, utilizing technology to produce quality mental health care will be crucial. This essay emphasizes the need for improvements in mental health care in the U.S. To accomplish this, implementing measurement-based care (MBC) through telehealth will provide patients and clinicians with a chance for personalized care and treatment. This idea will also expand access to underserved areas. Integrating MBC and telehealth is an efficient, cost-effective way to improve quality of mental health care. This essay will provide a discussion for implementation strategies and recommendations.