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Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal


The Texas State Undergraduate Research Journal, otherwise known as TXSTUR, provides an outlet for undergraduates in all disciplines to publish original work. We encourage students to submit papers written for classes, research supported by the Undergraduate Research Fellowships, adapted portions of theses or capstone projects, or any other kinds of scholarship.

TXSTUR is a student-run journal housed in the Honors College and the IDEA Center.  Although TXSTUR's review process relies on the assistance of faculty experts, all editorial and managerial decisions are made by a team of undergraduate and graduate students.

TXSTUR is published each spring in two editions. The first, online only, is open to submissions in all fields of research. TXSTUR’s sister journal, Txstur[e]: a journal of humanistic inquiry, focusses on scholarship that explores the rich and varied texture of the human experience.  Each spring semester, the TXSTUR editors and the Honors Peer Writing Mentors choose from among the submissions to TXSTUR to create the themed issue that appears both online and in print. 

The 2024 double issue of Txstur[e], Girls to the Front/ Geographies of Struggle, is now available online.  For more information, to request print copies of Txstur[e], and for all other inquiries, email us

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Current Issue

Volume 12, No. iSpring 2024

Published July 18, 2024