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Vol. 8 No. i (2020): Spring 2020

The Transformation of the Epic Form Through Milton's Paradise Lost

November 27, 2023


The paper presents research examining the epic poem format of Milton’s Paradise Lost and illustrates how Milton’s use of the form influences or relates to contemporary epics. This topic involves research on the structure of traditional epics, Milton’s use of the form in Paradise Lost, and examples of how contemporary epics continue to make adjustments to the form. Considering the influence of classic epics, such as the Iliad, Divine Comedy, and Aeneid, in modern culture, there is a lack of modern examples of the epic form with similar impact. I researched the criteria for epic poems and the existence of modern examples. This paper examines the connections between Milton’s epics and its predecessors as well as Milton’s influence on modern epics. By exploring what constitutes an epic and how Milton’s Paradise Lost has transformed the genre and influenced contemporary epics, readers can better understand the importance of Paradise Lost and its format.