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Vol. 10 No. i (2022): Spring 2022

Powerful Leaders: The Use of Religion to Further Political Agenda in Ancient Rome and the United States

November 21, 2023


This research paper examines the found similarities between powerful leaders in Ancient Rome and powerful political figures in the U.S, focusing on the use of religion/religious rhetoric to further political agenda. Utilizing famous speeches, historical backgrounds, and political statistics, a deep dive was compiled to outline how religion has been used in two successful and powerful countries, and reveal the power religion holds with political agendas. An analysis of speeches by Roman leader Augustus, evangelist advisor Paula White, President Ronald Regan, Abraham Lincon, George Bush, in addition to Pope Urban II and Roman Emperor Constantine are examined to connect similar political tactics. Findings of the research show almost identical use of religious weaponization for political agendas in both distinguished Ancient Roman leaders and prominent figures in American Politics. More specifically, this research defines the ways in which leaders have weaponized religion to build their leadership, expand influence, create a solid foundation for their authority to flourish, and justify war.