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Vol. 6 No. i (2018): Spring 2018

He Should Not Have Gone to Jared's: A Content Analysis Of 'Jared The Galleria of Jewelry' Commercials

November 27, 2023


As the human race is diverse, romantic love takes on different characteristics for different people. In the 21st century, society is more accepting and understanding of the varying forms of romantic love that arise in reality, yet the media often show only one version. In a society so engulfed by media, many culturally accepted norms and values are frequently established and reinforced by the media’s agenda. These norms and values are instilled within the psyche of the audience, consciously or not. Jewelry commercials are a prime example of how the media portrays romantic love. By studying the way Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry depicts romance in its commercials, this research concludes what people are taught by the media to expect in their own romantic relationships.