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Vol. 10 No. i (2022): Spring 2022

Your Mom Is Your Boss: Exploring the Relationship between Parenting Styles And Leadership Potential in Children

November 21, 2023


Early childhood development is significantly affected by parenting style, which in turn affects how individuals develop into professional leaders. The following research investigates the relationship between parenting style and future leadership potential in children with the purpose of applying the information found within a professional context. First, the literature regarding leadership will be reviewed and contextualized, focusing on behavioral definitions rather than trait-based definitions, and will then be followed by a description of parenting styles and their outcomes. Predominantly Western sources will be used for the purposes of this study and terminology as a result will largely reflect Western social values. Once the foundational definitions to be adhered to have been established, the influence of parenting styles on children as current and future leaders will be discussed. Peer ratings, academic success, and potential career path outcomes will be used as measurement factors. The findings of this review will then be summarized and their implications regarding managers will be explored. Finally, considerations for further research and the applications of the findings within the context of professional development locally and globally will be provided. The literature presented was collected from Google Scholar and the Texas State University research database. Peer-reviewed articles and books by experts in the field were used as source material.